Drawing the Boundary Between Actor and Character: Prioritizing the Actor’s Mental Health in the Portrayal of Human Suffering & Emotional Distress

Stanislavski talks about the many inspirations an actor draws from to create a character from himself. From the power of observation and different art forms to the actors’ own experiences of life to imagination itself. …

In 2016, I began the crazy notion of directing and writing my feature films. In my first two years, I wrote a book that’s been published that I turned into a movie and I completed 6 feature films. All totally different genres. I met an incredible mentor who supports me…

o, no, no, no, no … stop talking. Give me the shot. Tell me your film in one sentence,” the producer interrupted. “Like, this meets that …”.

Up until that moment, I was roughly thirty seconds into an elaborate exegesis of the multiple reflecting layers of subtle psychological resonance and…


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