7 Life Hacks for Creatives

6 min readMar 10

We are entering the last quarter of 2022. It’s never too late to take stock of what has been accomplished and amplify all the right actions or course adjustments to finish the year with a bang.

I believe in growth on both a personal and professional level. Next-level greatness is only accessible if we know how to do a regular check-in ourselves and take inventory of where and how our energy is spent. As Aristotle has said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit.”

Career longevity of 30 years brings gifts. I have applied myself on many levels, from branding to marketing, to selling to learning how to finance, network, create marketing materials, and be authentic and truthful to my personal brand, mission and why. If you feel stagnant in your career, I am sharing some of my “go-to’s” for the level-up process.

I did not invent the wheel. My knowledge has been attained through self-development, investing, and learning from the pros. There is power in surrounding yourself with those who have succeeded in their field. I have sat in rooms where Oscar-winning films were greenlit and projects came to life only to become Box Office record breakers. I ended up applying the life hacks below more during the pandemic. They enabled me to be more fulfilled in every area of my life.

I know that sounds old school, but thank you notes are some of the most valuable and long-term relationship-building tools you could ever use for yourself. I had on one of my podcasts this season mega-producer Vin Di Bona, from “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and “Entertainment Tonight,” and his beautiful wife, Erica Gerard De Bona. We met at the Italian Television Festival, where I sit on the Advisory Board. Destiny brought me to sit down with them.

I learned that Erica Girard wrote a book about the power of thank you notes. She was a production executive and has used thank you notes to build those long-lasting relationships. Back in the day, when we were selling movies, I used that hack, and it delivered. Big time. I was to get a film to sell. Back in the day, not many movies were produced, certainly not as many as…


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