How to Find Your Creative Squad on Stage 32
8 min readMar 8

Well, hello, there! My name is Karen Ross, but please, call me Kay. I wanted to formally introduce myself: I am an actress, writer, producer, director, and all-around free spirit. I currently host a weekly event on Clubhouse called “The Victory Round” to help creatives build their confidence by celebrating their achievements, big or small. Among other many things, I love martial arts, instrumental film soundtracks, the Bard, tea time, and am deeply obsessed with trying new restaurants. I can’t wait to be able to travel overseas again to continue meeting new people and exploring culture through food!

While my wanderlust has been gratifying, my creative journey has been more meandering. It’s been a challenge to find like-minded professionals! Especially those I connect with who also connect with the content I want to create and have a similar work ethic. Is this not the challenge of every professional creative, though? One’s creative “squad” is so important, but it also takes time and effort. What better way to find collaborators than exploring the global community on Stage 32? Meeting new people is as easy as posting and commenting in the Introduce Yourself Lounge, especially during the third weekend of every month, otherwise known as Introduce Yourself Weekend! You can even meet more local creatives; that’s how I’ve met most of my filmmaking “squad” since moving to Los Angeles.

When I moved from Washington, D.C. during the summer of 2019, I knew the physical distance I would be putting between myself and my previous life would bring my new career to a head (for those of you unfamiliar with mainland United States, DC and LA are on opposites sides of the country — a mere 2,626 miles away). I also knew I would need two things to successfully transition away from production management in the television industry and into creative producing: a deadline and accountability. With Stage 32’s Writers’ Room, I found both. Let’s unpack a few ways you, too, can move forward in your creative journey while finding your creative “squad” on Stage 32!

A deadline, as stressful as it can seem, is actually akin to the carrot at the end of a stick: it is…

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